Review: Menakao 72% + Pralus République Dominicaine 75%

A double review on my first Single Origin Chocolates…


Menakao – 72% (****)

Bean: not noted
Origin: Sambirano region – Madagascar
Production: Chocolaterie Cinagra SA – Madagascar
Price paid: 4,90/75g


Aroma: lots of cacao and touches of fruit

The small pieces are lighter brown than expected and a little coarse in the mouth. Almost instantly the fruity acidity kicks in and builds to a peak. Next comes a wave of woody, leathery taste in a rather unexpected taste turn.
Cacao mingles in and seems to be fighting for attention with the fruityness that keeps on going.
There is no bitterness going on.

Once the chocolate has melted down, which goes really easy, the acidity evaporates and the mouth is filled with a great chocolate sensation, that somehow seems to remain
for a very long time.
Leaves you wanting for more, though the strange woody taste switch doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. It reminds me of a muscle car, coming on strong with tastes that change wildly
leaving almost no time to follow. Bold and totally different from “classic” bulk chocolate.

François Pralus – République Dominicaine – 75% (****)

Bean: Trinitario
Origin: Dominican Republic
Production: Pàtisserie Chocolaterie Pralus – France
Price paid: € 4,95/100g


Aroma:Cacao,lightly spiced and promise of red fruits

Totally different from the Menakao 72%, this chocolate is velvet smooth, sexy even. Deep brown in colour, it melts slow and almost creamy.

When it touches the tongue, it delivers a first quick touch of acidity, followed by lots of dark chocolate accompanied by a subtle bitterness, before the red fruits join in.
Before I started looking into these fine chocolates, I’d never believed you could taste raspberry in a straight dark chocolate. Next to the very clear fruit tones, there is the
amazing chocolate taste in symphony with the gentle sweetness and the touches of tannins way in the back.
The aftertaste is strong and dark, yet still very smooth and sexy in nature. This is quiet something!

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