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This website is the result of a lot of time reviewing chocolate – steadily getting deeper and deeper into the world of cocoa and chocolate production. My goal is to inspire people to notice high quality chocolate and the wonderful complex flavors it can offer. I’m very happy to see my work is noticed and appreciated by others, both press, chocolate producers and people in the chocolate world.


I was extremely flattered to be asked as a participant in the jury of the first Belgian round of the International Chocolate Awards in 2015.

I participated again as jury member during the Belgian round of the Chocolate awards in 2016.

Stepping up in 2017, I joined the Grand Jury of the International chocolate awards – Belgian round 2017. A great experience.







Chocolate makers

Original Beans gracefully shared the review on their Cru Virunga bar – it links to the old website, but the review is available here too.

Hummingbird Chocolate’s website features a review on their “Getting Noticed” page.

Naive Chocolate’s website features the review of on their Nicaragua Nicalizo® bar.

Mulaté links to the review of their dark Organic Spices bar with cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper

Ara Chocolat shared reviews on their Porcelana and Madagascar bars on their website.

Potomac Chocolate shared the review on their San martin peru bar.

Republica del Cacao quotes from a review.



The guardian linked to my review on Amma’s Cupuaçu bar in an article about cocoa’s cousin Cupuaçu.

I was quoted in an article about the succes of Hummingbird Chocolate in a publication by Valley Heartland – a Canadian organisation dedicated to stimulating job creation and economic growth through business and community development in Lanark & North Leeds.

Flander’s Food – an agro-food industry platform focussing on innovation and sustainability mentioned as part of an article called “there once was a cocoa farmer” on cocoa farming and its connection to the Belgian chocolate industry.


Webshops – a Dutch webshop on chocolate refers to my review on Willie’s Cacao Indonesian Gold for tasting notes. does refer to in an article about Belgian Chocolate (Dutch) – a German webshop refers to my Naive Nicalizo bar for tasting notes.

Sanders Chocolate features the Willie’s Cacao El Blanco review.


Other Blogs

Several of my reviews are featured on the website of – a Chicago based Chocolate professional.

El mundo del chocolate – a spannish blog features my review on the Ara Chocolat range.

Geert Vercruysse, Belgian chocolatier working with origin chocolate linked to my review of his creations on his blog

Travel Bliss Now – a lifestyle and travel blog by Cindy Baker quoted my review of Hummingbird’s Hispagniola bar., a Chinese site featured my story and website in relation to a tasting session I organised for several chinese people interested in the bean-to-bar chocolate world. In cooperation with Mike&Becky – chocolate makers in Brussels. features an entire article about