Review: Galler – Noir 85% Profond

Galler – Noir 85% (**)

Bean: not noted
Origin: not noted
Production: Galler SA – Belgium
Price paid: € 1,69/100g



Many popular Belgian Chocolatiers seem to expand their product lines with high cacao percentage products and give them the look and feel of high quality products, meant for the serious chocolate lover. But do they convince compared to the single origin chocolates out there?

Aroma: classic Belgian chocolate smell – cacao, sweet, vanilla

Taste: pronounced bitterness and cacao… earthy and dry start in the mouth, slowly the bitterness builds, followed by an unexpected sweetness as noted in the aroma.
Melts slowly.
The taste doesn’t evolve much, it’s pretty straightforward. There is cacao and bitterness, not fruity tones or acidity.
The aftertaste follows in the exact same way, a standard chocolate taste and the remaining hints of bitterness, it doesn’t last very long.
All in all a very plain tasting chocolate.

One thought on “Review: Galler – Noir 85% Profond”

  1. I don’t think I’ve had their tablets, only their filled bars [as in, the stuff that really looks like a chocolate bar, like Mars] but of those I’ve had tons. Massive weekly mail orders from the Galler UK online store used to keep my Belgian colleague & me afloat while we were living in the UK. I concur, as far as “chocolate” in the sense of the pure product goes Galler are nowhere near the top, but I believe their bars, if you’re so inclined, are very good & extremely enjoyable.

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