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So many wonderful chocolate makers out there. So many amazing chocolate bars and flavors to be discovered. Yet so little is known about this in Belgium, the so called country of chocolate.

Slowly the tide is turning and people start to understand there is more to be found out there than the industrial chocolate display in the local supermarket. The internet offers a great opportunity to get your hands on some great chocolate you don’t find in the regular shops easily.

It was after discovering a Lithuanian made chocolate, that Björn Becker and his wife Julia Mikerova decided to set up an online store, based in Brussels, the very center of Belgium. They combine the shop with inventive “after-lunch” and “after-work” tastings in monday, giving people in the Brussels area the chance to discover bean to bar chocolate for themselves.

Time to visit www.bean2bar2you.be !


Main page (copyright – www.bean2bar2you.be)

Bean2bar2you offers a wide collection of brands and bars, ranging from very easy on the wallet products like Zotter and Jordi’s over to more exclusive products made by Duffy’s or Omnom. There is also a nice regional spreading with producers from South-America, Europe, Afrika and Asia. It is nice to see some less available brands on the list. Amedei, Blanxart, Jordi’s, Belyzium and Omnom are the ones that catch the eye. While the classics in the  European bean to bar shops like Akkeson’s, Marou and Pacari are not forgotten.

A perfect place to start you journey of discovery in the world of fine chocolate.


Web shop (copyright – www.bean2bar2you.be)


Brands page (copyright – www.bean2bar2you.be)

Next to the product line-up, there is also a page dedicated to the producers, offering more information about their companies and vision, showing info, pictures, location and finally a line-up of the products featured in the web shop.

And if you really want to take the eco-friendly road, you can even let the chocolate be delivered directly to you by bike courier!

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