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As I’ve noticed in the stats of my website, beantobar.be sees quiet a few visitors from the Netherlands. Holland has a strong tradition in fine chocolate, as it is home to the yearly Origin Chocolate Event and Chocoa shows, has Amsterdam as the biggest cocoa harbour of Europe and has quiet a few shops who foccus on the good stuff.

So without further delay, I would like to present to you Chocoladeverkopers.nl!

This webshop is based in Nijmegen and is run by Paul and Emma. Two people with a firm passion for origin chocolate and biking. They distribute their bars to several shops in Nijmegen, but the main part of their activities is the impressive webshop. The language used is Dutch, so it will be most interesting to people from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Main page – copyright chocoladeverkopers.nl

The site has a crystal clear and straightforward design. It takes you straight to bussiness, a wide selection of amazing chocolate bars. It has been a while since I’ve seen such an extensive list of available products and chocolate makers.

A nice touch – you can make your selection by brand, but also on cocoa percentage, cocoa origin and chocolate maker origin. The selection offers bars made in South America, the USA, Europe, Afrika and Asia.
You will find well known brands such as Akkeson’s, Marou, Pacari and Original Beans. But also less available brands such as Erithaj, Letterpress chocolate, A. Morin and Raaka. I was more than please to discover this website also offers Coup De Chocolat’s Gusta bar. The first foreign salespoint for this wonderful piece of chocolate.

In case the choice is to overwhelming, you can always go for a package deal. Discover the wonders of different 70% bars, line-ups of different chocolate makers or a surprise package. Even a monthly 4-bar subscription is possible.

On the practical side, the total amount displayed at the right hand side, so you can keep check of the const of your choices. Payments are done by iDEAL of Paypal. Quick and practical.

Brands page – copyright chocoladeverkopers.nl


In short, Chocoladeverkopers.nl offers everything the heart and palate of a chocolate lover could ask for packed in a very practical webshop. Enjoy browsing through all the possibilities and start dreaming about the flavors on offer. Don’t forget to order, so you can actually experience these wonderful bars. You know you will find one you will really like.

link: https://chocoladeverkopers.nl

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