Review: Lindt – 70% (****)

What’s worse than being sent out abroad to fix problems over a thousand kilometers from home? Being sent there and forgetting to take a nice chocolate to celebrate the end of a very busy workday. So, being in the south of France, I just had to find something nice. Only big supermarkets in the area and all Nestlé and Cote d’or bulk chocolate. No thanks… Until I found a really large E. Leclercq superstore, housing a very large Lindt display. So I picked out the 70%, because I know it’s better than bulk chocolates and I hadn’t tried it yet! So how was it?

KKBTB-130518-1 KKBTB-130518-2

Bean: Not mentioned
Origin: Not mentioned
Production: Lindt & Sprüngli SAS – Orolon-Sainte-Marie – France
Price paid: € 2,20/100 g – E. Leclercq Vitrolles (Marseille – France)


Colour: Coffee brown

Aroma: a slightly sweet, chocolate and espresso smell. Nice and inviting you to savour the chocolate

Taste: The 70% bar starts of with a nice wave of sweet dark chocolate, before a slight fruity acidity takes over. Then the chocolate melts some more and reveals a creamy texture. The sweetness combines nicely with the fresh fruit tones. The red fruits subside for another wave of chocolate and espresso tones before more fruits come along. This time they remind me more of yellow fruits like apricot and pineapple.
A hint of vanilla and still a sweet tone give this chocolate lots of warmth, reminding me of a warm tropical island. The taste remains very elegant and refined and when the chocolate melted all the way, the aftertaste seamless takes over and delivers a rich cacao taste and lots of vanilla with just a touch of bitterness and smokiness. I’m really impressed by this easy to find chocolate. It is way more balanced then the 85% version, which jumps all over the place.
Simply nice and delicious!

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