Review filled bar: Lindt – Irish Coffee

Oh dear, standing in front of a big display of Lindt in a E. Leclercq Supermarket in France makes you do a silly thing. Like buying this bar. I’ve always loved Irish Coffee, so when they add chocolate to the mix, I need to taste it! I know, it’s not a dark bar and it is filled! But I don’t care, I’ll review it anyway, without rating it, because this is so up to personal taste.

KKBTB130520-1  KKBTB130520-2

Bean: Not mentioned
Origin: Not mentioned
Production: Lindt & Sprüngli SAS – Orolon-Sainte-Marie – France
Price paid: € 2,20/100 g – E. Leclercq Vitrolles (Marseille – France)

KKBTB130520-4  KKBTB130520-5

Colour: milk chocolate brown, toffee colour

Aroma: sweet, milk, toffee, caramel, alcohol

Taste: Other than dark chocolates, this milk chocolate bar is filled with an Irish coffee cream. The taste of the chocolate and filling mingle as soon as you take a bite. Sweetness in front, followed by an alcohol intense flow of toffee and cream. I miss the coffee part of the Irish coffee, but the little punch of the alcohol breaks through the creaminess of the chocolate and filling.
Obviously this bar is not meant to let you explore delicate tastes, but it isn’t as overly sweet as I expected. The chocolate shows through and lets you sense caramel, toffee and a slight whisky zing in the back of the throat. Once melted, the palate doesn’t seem to be smothered and then a coffee and milk taste appears and fades away in a sweet wave. Don’t expect impressive flavours, just an enjoyable filled bar.

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