Review: Saveurs&Nature – 70% Noir and

Saveurs&Nature – 70% ecorces d’oranges confites (pieces of preserved orange skin) (*)

Bean: Not mentioned
Origin: Not mentioned
Production: Saveurs&Nature – France
Price paid: € 4,95/100 g


I’ve never been a big fan of filled chocolate. Most of the time the filling is even sweeter than the chocolate itself, making it very smothering on the palate.
However, when the occasion arises, I will try this sort of product, especially when the taste maker is embedded in the chocolate as pieces or nibs.

There is no emulsifier in this chocolate, only cacao paste, cacao butter and the orange nibs.

Aroma: sweet, cacao coming true and a whiff of orange at the end.

The taste is surprisingly sweet. There is some cacao going on, but nothing really stands out. the texture is velvety except for the pieces of orange. The pieces differ in size and clearly are actual preserved orange peel.
They overwhelm the taste of the chocolate once you bite through them. At that moment, a slight bitterness pops out of the chocolate, but it all fades really quickly. The orange taste is only found here and there, but when it comes through
it’s everywhere. After eating a piece, I found no aftertaste, other than the strong preserved orange skin aroma. I’d rather like to see these nibs work together in the chocolate and not overdoing each other. The dark chocolate doesn’t really make me curious
about the plain dark 70% version, as it seemed a bit to plain and common to me. I expected more, especially at this price point? Not my cup of tea.

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