Review ratings

So I see you put stars everywhere, that’s really nice and all, but what do they really mean?

(*****) – Simply devine chocolate. The best of the best! A rare find.

(****) – A perfect bar! Remarkable tastes and textures. Truely a fine chocolate!

(***) – a really interesting bar. Well worth the try, though it isn’t as amazing as chocolate can be.

(**) – Hey, it is chocolate, but there is much better stuff out there!

(*) – darn, did I actually buy this? What was I thinking!

Remember, this are my personal opinions. Please, be my guest and try the bars yourself and see if you agree.

As of january 2019, I changed from a general rating to a more detailed scoring system.

How I draw my conclusion is based on 5 subcategories which are scored during review tastings. There are always several tastings before a final verdict. Chocolate is tasted at different times at different days.

Finally I score:

  • Visual appeal: 5 points
  • Aroma: 5 points
  • Melt and mouth feel: 5 points
  • Flavor profile: 5 points
  • Complexity: 5 points

The sum of the awarded points per subcategorie gives the final score out of 25 points. This number is the total score of the chocolate and translates in a star rating as shown in the title of the review.

The ratings are awarded as follows:

  • 0-4,9 points total: *
  • 5-9,9 points total: **
  • 10-14,9 points total: ***
  • 15-17,4 points total: *** 1/2
  • 17,5-19,9 points total: ****
  • 20-22,4 points total: **** 1/2
  • 22,5-25 points total: *****

Knowing my appreciation on the 5 subcategories will allow readers to judge whether a certain element is important to them. Chocolate makers will be able to see how I appreciate their product on different levels.

Is this all terribly important? I hope not. Consider it a guide in your discoveries of the world of fine chocolate. And by all means, taste, try and savour every fine chocolate you can find. It will open up your world.

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