Review: Lindt 85%

In this time of the year, we Belgians get smothered in Easter chocolate. Yet even the dark variety is just sweet as hell. When you turn back to the “real” chocolate as I discovered it lately, it’s just like a breath of fresh air in a damped room. Makes me really appreciate the true tastes of this wonderful product!

I was really curious about this particular chocolate. There’s a lot of buzz about this Lindt version out there on the web, though I noticed there is a difference between the US version and the European made one. The European reviews tend to be less in favour of this dark brown-red chocolate. Only one way to find out!

Lindt 85% – Noir Puissant (***)

Bean: Not mentioned
Origin: Not mentioned
Production: Lindt & Sprüngli SAS – Orolon-Sainte-Marie – France
Price paid: € 2,18/100 g



Aroma:  very chocolaty, creamy, surprisingly sweet for the high percentage cacao and some vanilla touches linger on.

Taste: Hard to snap, it immediately releases lots of cacao on the palate, followed by a rising build-up of bitterness. This chocolate melts slowly and reveals a subtle acidity on the tip of the tongue, followed by more bitterness and a slight salty touch, combined with hints of sweetness and cacao. Rather strong as expected in a high percentage chocolate, yet the different tastes are a bit hard to grasp, they seem to pop up but are difficult to hold on too. The sensation of burned coffee beans come through at several points. The chocolate dissolves in a sweet end tone before a rush of bitterness announces the aftertaste. Then it becomes soft again and creamy chocolate remains. Almost like enjoying a strong espresso coffee. This one seems a bit eccentric, never really choosing a way to go with lots of bitter/sweet changes, but strangely it begs to be enjoyed again. Not what I expected, but still very interesting indeed!

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