Review: Cédric De Taeye – Venezuela Ocumare 76% – 2016 Harvest (****)


Cédric De Taeye was featured on this site before with his wonderful Madagascar bar. Based in Ellezelles – Belgium, Cédric creates a very interesting array of origin chocolates, both in milk or dark versions. He is passionate about flavors and is always keen on showing you the amazing notes real chocolate can bring.
With his strong ideas on how chocolate should be, he is building a name for himself both with end customers and food experts. Soon he will also be launching his line of filled chocolates or pralines as they say in Belgium.

He takes pride in the raw material he uses in creating the chocolate bars. The cocoa beans he uses are carefully selected based on their organoleptic properties and Cédric makes sure you know exactly what you have in your hands.

Today we try his 76% Ocumare Venezuela bar.

Venezuela is considered by many the place where the best cocoa species thrive. Situated near the region where Theobroma cocoa originated, it is home to many illusive villages and regions who are synonym of high quality chocolate. Here Cédric offers us his take on Occumare. The bean variety used for this bar is described as Trinitario. How do the flavors reveal themselves in this chocolate bar? Let’s find out!

The Bar:

The package of the bar follows the same design of the entire range produced by Cédric. His logo on top against a dark green background. Lower, a yellow orange band shows the origin, the cocoa variety, the percentage of cocoa beans and the harvest year. I really like this last part, as we know that the flavor profile of cocoa can change from harvest to harvest, comparable to grapes used in wine making. So it is strange that only a few chocolate makers reveal this info.

The bar itself shows a nice relief and is scored in diamond-shaped pieces. Even though the bar only weighs 60g, the bar looks a lot bigger.

Inside the wrapper of the chocolate, more info is displayed, describing the bean-to-bar process and specific flavor notes and info on the origin.

A well presented piece of chocolate.


Bean: Ocumare – Trinitario

Origin: Venezuela – Occumare de la Costa

Maker: Cédric De Taeye – torréfacteur chocolatier

Price: € 4,50 – 60 g

Batch: Best before 09/2019 – Batch

Color: A deep, darker shade of brown

Aroma: Powerful cocoa, chocolaty, tropical wood

Taste: A meandering voyage through the flavors of cocoa. As you start your journey with a surprising dash of delicate flowers floating in your mouth, before roasted cocoa takes over. It reminds me of walking through a dense forest, wood and cocoa all around. Suddenly, the forest gives way and reveals a small river of sweetness flowing gently through the trees. The sweetness also brings a gently acidity over the tongue. It pops and revives the flavor, with notes of orange and mandarine peel. Following the river, brings you even further in the woods, where a nutty tone and round tannins appear. The after flavor keeps the lush cocoa flavors rolling on your palate, chocolaty and full bodied.

This dark spirited chocolate will seduce anyone who likes bold flavors. The bar doesn’t offer a gentle introduction into the world of cocoa flavors, yet offers quiet a punch. Though it is fairly strong in flavors, it show a remarkable transition of flavor notes, making the experience very satisfying. Don’t hold back when you like your chocolate with a bit of a kick – This Occumare bar will not disappoint you.



Cédric De Taeye

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