Review: Alter Eco Noir 90% (***)

Another Fair trade product. They seem to go well in the chocolate business. Found by my significant other at a Carrefour Hypermarket. There are some shops that take an effort in displaying these fair trade products, I can only applaud that!

Alter Eco – Noir 90%

Bean: not mentioned
Origin: Peru
Production: Unknown Swiss manufacturer for Alter Eco France
Price paid: € /100 g

BTB130408-1 BTB130408-3

Colour: brown-red

Aroma: soft, cacao, touches of red fruit

Taste: Softer snap, this chocolate tiptoes in with lots of fruity (raspberry) zings on the tongue. They hang on while a more earthy bitterness draws attention. It melts rather quickly and turns to a more woody, smokey aftertaste, where bitters and come in big and make clear it is a 90% chocolate.
Even though it’s pretty high in cacao content, it doesn’t come over as especially strong. Perhaps a bit much for those who like the sweeter chocolates, but being the highest cacao content I enjoyed up to date, I wonder what even higher contents may bring.

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