How to get more chocolate? By winning a contest!

My voyage through the wonderful world of fine chocolate happens most of the time on the World Wide Web! It’s amazing how many passionate people are out there trying to inform whoever is interested about the wonderful chocolates out there.

On Facebook, you’ll find nearly every small batch single origin chocolate makers and they are a joy to follow, as their messages just ooze with enthusiasm about the art of making their wonderful brown gold.

Rob Anderson of Fresco is one of those people. His company puts out some amazing products and as he aired an online contest, I participated and actually won. And behold, just a week later I received a wonderful package!

KKBTB130706-1  KKBTB130706-2

3 different receipts using the same origin, Dominican Republic, will give me the chance to taste how different roasting and conching of the same ingredients will be expressed in the taste of the end product. I’m really looking forward to comparing these!

KKBTB130706-3  KKBTB130706-4

And off course, you’ll be able to read about it here on this blog!

It’s refreshing to see that a Facebook contest can actually be won. I see a lot of “high” profile contest where you never ever hear about the winner, but not in this case. Rob made sure the two winners received a wonderful price! Kudos, Mr. Anderson!

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