Review: Republica Del Cacao – Ecuador Manabi Province 75% (***)

The Creator: Summer in Belgium. Temperatures drop below 20°C. While this is bad news for people enjoying their hollidays, it means I can finally pull out some chocolate bars from my stock again. Time for some reviews! Today a bar made by Republica Del Cacao. A company based in Ecuador, dedicated to set quality bars…

Review: Republica Del Cacao – Provincia El Oro 67% (****)

Knowing people that know people is worth a lot! Every now and then I receive a surprise delivery of Republica Del Cacao bars. These bars aren’t easy to get my hands on in my part of the woods, so I’m very grateful they appear every now and then through people that travel to South America….

Review: Republica Del Cacao – Comunidad Vinces 75% (***)

The good thing about inspiring people with fine chocolate, is that they can surprise you in unexpected ways. A lady who attended one of my tastings is active in the import/export business and when she went on a trip to South America recently, she brought back some fine chocolate she decided to share with me….