Where to get it: www.reen.be (with temporary special offer!)

The shop

It are exciting times in the world of origin chocolate. Not only do we see an ever growing community of bean-to-bar chocolate makers out there, many people become aware of these products and start selling points.

Today I can announce the start of a new Belgian webshop – www.reen.be.


(copyright – www.reen.be)

Origin chocolate bars are a perfect addition to the artisan filled chocolate and macaron line Reen was all ready producing.

The site is very inviting and clear. Reen.be offers a very nice selection of origin chocolate brands, from established names like Marou and Akkeson’s over to new names in on the market like Georgia Ramon and Cacaosuyo. I was very pleased to see a locally harder to get name like the French A. Morin appearing in the overview. Every brand has an own page displaying all the available bars, including the price, origin, cocoa percentage and the cocoa variety.


Selection of brands (copyright – www.reen.be)


Brand page (copyright – www.reen.be)

The bars can be ordered directly on ine and are shipped both nationally in Belgium and internationally. Getting your hands on a good chocolate bar was never easier!

Special offer!

Luc, the driving force behind the webshop informed me he is offering a special discount for the readers of this website. Use the code “beantobar.be” and you will receive a 10% price reduction. This offer is available until 31 December 2015 end of day.

So what are you waiting for?

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