Where to get it: Choco Rush Bean-To-Bar Club

You don’t feel like leaving the house to find some nice chocolate bars? Would you rather be surprised by a monthly delivery of bean to bar chocolate? Choco Rush may have the answer for you!
This Mt Pleasant – USA based subscription company offers its convenient services to anyone with a heart for real chocolate. Discover their service at chocorush.co

They are offering three possible types of subscription. A Month to month, 3 month prepay or 6 month prepay option with prices ranging from $ 31,95 to $ 179. These prices even include US shipping services.

Inside the box you will receive? Four excellent bean to bar chocolate bars with surprising flavor profiles with cacao percentages between 60 and 80% – because as they claim, anything lower isn’t real chocolate.

Let’s discover one of their shipments they forwarded to me.

The packing:

The delivery arrived in a thick, padded envelope. Inside we find a rectangular cardboard box that seems pretty standard in the bean to bar club world. A bold white label closes the box and shows the company logo and the bold statement “eat real chocolate”. Fine by me, it is the one I prefer anyway.


The inside:

The chocolate bars are hidden in a nice satin like paper and tucked firmly in the box by an added plastic bag with cooling gel pads. This will be very interesting in warmer times, when chocolate needs to be protected from temperature changes. A nice detail, which should hold provided the transit times don’t become to long. Due to the Belgian customs and Postal services, my delivery took nearly 20 days, but given the time of the year this shouldn’t be to cumbersome.


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The selection:

What really made my heart skip a beat were the bars I found inside. I’ve tried the Original Beans bar before. It is pretty easy to find here in Europe. But this can’t be said about the Ritual, Amano and Castronovo bars. When I say I’m more than looking forward to reviewing these bars, I really mean: I want to try them all. Right now! With origins like Bolivia, Colombia and Papua New Guinea, there is bound to be a lot of different flavor profiles. The line up: Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest (Bolivia) 66% – Castronovo Chocolate Colombia Sierra Nevada 72% – Ritual Chocolate Fleur De Sel Dark Chocolate 70% – Amano Chocolate Papua New Guinea 70%.

What I would have liked to find in the packages is a brief explanation of the choice of bars that has been made and what makes them special in the eyes of Choco Rush. It is just a detail, but it could add to the experience, as I notice during the tasting sessions I host. Edit: Choco Rush informed me they mail the tasting notes to the subscribers. Which makes the experience complete!

In conclusion, Choco Rush offers a very neat selection of bars, perfectly packed and brought straight to your door. No unnecessary frills, just pure quality chocolate. And you may take this very literally!

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  1. Chris Lacey says:

    Hi Kris,

    So glad they arrived, and thanks for the post. Since we sent this box just for you, I apologize for you not receiving the customized email with tasting notes that normally go out to our subscribers by email (no sense in wasting more paper)! We send those every month with details about each bar to every one of our subscribers.

    I’m sending you a few samples of emails that we have sent before, including the bars you’ve received. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    We love chocolate – and we love sharing bean to bar with as many people as we can!

    Talk soon,
    Chris @ Choco Rush

    1. Chris Lacey says:

      P.S. That Ritual Fleur de Sel bar is one of my personal favorites 🙂

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