The chocolate circle

The fine chocolate world counts numerous people who are as excited and fascinated about the brown gold as I am. While they don’t create it themselves, their knowledge is a great way to discover all the amazing bars you can find all over the world. Here are the people I think are worth to follow:


  •  Annmarie Kostyk is an American professionally trained pastry chef with a profound love of chocolate. She has published several books about chocolate and het website contains a vast amount of information and reviews:



  • Good Chocolate wanted is the blog of Jarrko Karhunen, who lives in Finland. Reviews a plenty – luckily for us in English!


  • The Chocolate life: the work of mister Clay Gordon, one of THE independent authorities in the world of fine chocolate world. Clay has vast experience in technique, pairings, chocolate educator and is an active consultant in the chocolate world. His website will take you deeper than ever in the world of chocolate, far beyond simply tasting.


  • Choco Files: A bit of a mistery who is behind this website, but I haven’t come across any vaster collection of sampled bars. Choco Files has rated over 800 bars for more than 170 companies. From artisan producers to industrial companies, they are all there! Choco Files