The Origin Chocolate Event 2016 – a day full of chocolate in Amsterdam

Every year, Amsterdam become the fine chocolate hotspot for one day. In October the Origin Chocolate Event is held in the wonderful setting of the tropical institute. Its colonial architecture creates a stunning backdrop for a gathering of chocolate makers, chocolate sellers and chocolate lovers. In the central marble hall, 18 companies present their products….

Where to get it: Choco Rush Bean-To-Bar Club

You don’t feel like leaving the house to find some nice chocolate bars? Would you rather be surprised by a monthly delivery of bean to bar chocolate? Choco Rush may have the answer for you! This Mt Pleasant – USA based subscription company offers its convenient services to anyone with a heart for real chocolate….

Review: Original Beans – Cru Virunga 70% (****)

sometimes chocolate makers make things simple… a little rectangular piece I received as a present from my wife, made me smile even before I tried it. My local “haute chocolat” shop – Hilde Devolder Chocolatier only offers the small pieces, but they are more than enough to create a review. Original Beans still puts high…

Review: Original Beans Piura Porcelana 75% (****)

Finally I got back to doing a little review. Well, the bar I’m presenting today may seem little, but not the review! Hilde Devolder slipped this mini bar from Original Beans in my last Purchase. She seems very curious about my reaction to this specific bar. The mini bar is part of a collection Original…