Sometimes your heart simply melts…

Today I received a very special gift. Our “little” girl came home with a very special father’s day gift. The day itself is tomorrow, but as we will be visiting our own dads, she insisted on already giving it to me.

And what a surprise it was! She offered me a golden star-shaped box she had secretly hidden in the fridge.

The fragile box contained four delicate, self-made pralines. She knows how fond I am of chocolate and the twinkle in her eyes and the amazing smile on her face melted my heart right away. No other chocolate will ever come close to this feeling!

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Where to get it? Nowhere, it’s a one of a kind box.

How much does it cost? It’s priceless.

The pralines:

One muslibar piece enrobed with milk chocolate and crowned with an almond. It bore a remarkable resemblance to Nestlé’s Lion candy bar. Wich I always loved.

One dark chocolate ball covered in coconut flakes.

One rice krispie’s ball covered in milk chocolate, actually very nice and crunchy.

And to top it of, a soft home-made meringue piece, dipped in sweet milk chocolate.


I don’t think I’ll ever experience this again in my chocolate life: the surprise, the excitement and the really nice flavors.

Sharing these pralines with mommy and her made for a moment I’ll cherish for the rest of my life…


Thanks again Renée, you are the best. 🙂



One thought on “Sometimes your heart simply melts…”

  1. How very sweet and thoughtful! I bet that will be your all time favorite chocolate! Maybe your daughter will become a chocolatier or even an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate maker!

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