Review: Pralus – Le 100% (*****)

After I’ve tasted the Pacari Raw, I gathered 100% chocolate would be a bridge to far for me. I do appreciate the magnificent aromas present, but it’s to in your face tastewise, I didn’t see myself going to the cupboard and choose a piece of 100% above any of the other nice chocolate I have in my stash. But the misses adores her Pacari 100% Raw. So, good hubby as I am, I ordered her a new one to try. Pralus – le 100%. No way I was going to let this one go by untasted off course!  Especially as it has been made out of Criollo beans, the Rolls Royce in cacao world. And it comes from Madagascar, my so far favorite cacao region.

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Bean: Criollo
Origin: Madagascar – Sambirano valley
Production: Pàtisserie Chocolaterie Pralus – France
Price paid: € 4,95/100 g –


Colour: Deep brown with a slight reddish hue

Aroma: Cacao, tobacco, freshly ground coffee beans and a hint of red fruits

Taste: Far less astringent than the other 100% chocolate I experienced so far, a slight acidity tickles the tongue when first tasting this creation. There is some earthyness before a typical deep roasted aroma comes through. Pure Pralus style. The melt is really velvety, rich and buttery, making the tasting far less overwhelming than the Pacari 100% I tried some weeks ago. Behind the dark roast, the taste evolves from crystal clear acidity, deep espresso tones over to nuts and chestnut. Although there is absolutely no sugar involved, somehow this chocolate even displays a sudden dash of sweetness that’s hard to hold on to. This is probably caused by the evolution of the acidity waves, releasing patches of typical Madagascar-style red fruits before the aroma rolls over to the smokey, coffee tones.
I can’t say I’ve yet discovered more complex chocolates than this particular masterpiece. It’s dark, bold and yet refined and soft. The aftertaste almost makes you forget the chocolate has gone, as pure chocolate and delicious smoked aromas battle with more coffee. And it just keeps rolling on. Even minutes later it’s clearly there. And you want it to stay. And what only hits you once you’ve gone through all these delicate expressions… there is no bitterness. Absolutely non.


Monsieur Pralus, Vous m’avez convaincu! *

And you’ve won my first 5 star ranking. Because this is one chocolate I won’t forget soon! Better start looking out for more 100% chocolates for the misses, because I will get back to this one in the cupboard. 🙂


(*: Mister Pralus, you’ve convinced me!)

2 thoughts on “Review: Pralus – Le 100% (*****)”

  1. I have a bar of the 100% Pralus, too. Liked it, but found it a little intense for everday. But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything Pralus ever created!

  2. Just like you say, not for every day (I have so gorgeous other chocolates for that purpose!), but what a delicate creation indeed! 🙂

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