Review: Hummingbird Chocolate – Momotombo 70% (*****)

“I’m talking about that hummingbird
oh she’s little and she loves me”

BB King knew all about Hummingbird when he recorded this famous track written by Don Robertson. Just my way of telling you we are reviewing another bar by Hummingbird. A small-scale artisan chocolate from Canada.

Last time around, I received a wonderful message from the owner, to state his joy about the fact that I love his Hispaniola bar, but also to ask how the heck a bar made in his little shop made it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Belgium. I have to thank Adrienne, my New York friend and fellow chocoholic for that. We swap bars we both can’t get at our side of the world.

The bar doesn’t seem to be available anymore in the online shop in the website, but keep an eye on it, you never know it returns. (Edit: Hummingbird changed the name of the bar to “Oh Mama!”, so it is still available!)

Today we have a Nicaragua bar on the table. 70%, as all the bars of Hummingbird.

BTB20140823-1  BTB20140823-2

The same wonderful Hummingbird logo can be found on the sleeve, all the necessary information, including some tasting notes. The bar is tucked in a gold foil and has a wonderful smell when opened. It always feels like getting a precious gift when you open up such a package. The bar design is still made with one of the prettiest molds out there. Looks good!

Bean: not mentioned
Origin: Nicaragua
Production: Hummingbird – Ottawa, Canada
Price paid: 6,49 $ – 50g

BTB20140823-3  BTB20140823-4

Color: dark dark dark – near black

Aroma: Green raw cacao, floral, yet sweet and with a touch of spices

Taste: Starting medium quick, sweet dark molasses and the taste of a brown sugar come forth, combined with a delicate coffee bitterness. Next the aroma opens up and becomes buttery smooth, while not being clingy at all – even lighting up the palate. A thick chocolate taste with an undertone of roasted bread – sweet brown sugar and molasses stay present and make this a very satisfying chocolate bar. The earthy tones and sweet buttery taste keep rolling over each other and keep the taste both extremely chocolaty and refreshing at the same time. The aftertaste has a remarkable length with lots of dark cacao and brown sugar remaining present. I’m not a big fan of these dark brown chocolate, those who follow me know I truely enjoy fruity, more acidic bars. But this time around I must admit I kept on tasting, even while I had devoured the typical single square I use for reviewing.
A good sign, it is actually hard to put this Momotombo bar away! Yummy! And that is why it deserves the full 5 stars in my book!

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