Review: Cacaosuyo – Lakuna 70% (**** 1/2)

It’s funny how things can work out. I’ve reviewed this chocolate a week ago, did the photography, the tasting session and sat down to write my new article. All I needed to do was to publish it on my blog. But due to a very busy family life, I didn’t get around to it before visiting the Origin Chocolate Event in Amsterdam on the 24th of October. There I followed a very interesting presenation and tasting by Maricel Presilla – one of the driving forces behind the International Chocolate Awards. She talked about the upcoming new line of exciting bean to bar producers in South America. And Cacaosuyo happened to be one of them. Not only did it give me the opportunity to taste more of their products, but I got a lot of background information and met with Eduardo Lanfranco Garrido Lecca of the company Cacaosuyo itself. What an amazing day it was. So for the first time I can show you the man behind this particular bar.

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Add a silver medal in the world selection of the Chocolate Awards 2014 to the mix and you know it has made an impression on a lot of people.

Cacaosuyo is a rising star in the world of fine chocolate. The Peruvian company makes its brown gold right where they find the special cocoa they constantly look for. And their efforts don’t go unnoticed. I’m particular happy about the fact that yet another company outside the traditional chocolate producing countries finds its way to the international markets. After all, these companies are closer to the producers of the raw material cocoa and thus may have an even better feel for the complexity of the flavors found in the beans.

But does this mean I like the chocolate

Bean: not mentionned

Origin: Peru

Maker: Theobroma Inversiones S.A.C., Peru

Price: € 7 – 70 g – Hilde Devolder Ghent

BTB20151017-4  BTB20151017-3

Color: Dark brown nearing black with a hint of deep purple

Aroma: floral – lavender, dried herbs, hay and tobacco

Taste: Starts with a splash of sweetness, before earthy hay rolls in. Next up? A dash of spectacular floral notes – reminding me of delicate apple blossom, quickly followed by stronger roasted cocoa. Allow it to really develop in your mouth and the clear lavender tone I detected in the aroma returns in on the palate. Next caramelized apple and plum flavors come to the scene, followed by a honey sweetness giving it a candy feel for a second before a new splash of earthy, smoky notes come through. A very slight hint of espresso coffee pops up near the end of the melt. The aftertaste is not particular overwhelming, but rather smooth and offers lots of warm flavor with the floral-fruity notes hanging on.

The texture is slightly grainy, but doesn’t spoil the fun.

This is a bar filled to the brim with flavors. But it will not overpower you with bold aromas. It is smooth, complex and delicate. It seduces you to take the time to really discover all of the hidden flavors, which are revealed ever so slowly. If anything I would call this an autumn bar. It reminds me of returning home after a long walk in the could autumn weather and being greeted with the smell of fresh baked apple pie and a burning wood fire. You catch my drift, it is a chocolate to be savored slowly and by doing so you can’t help but feeling happy inside.

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