The taste… it surprises me, it keeps changing, it keeps on lingering…

From the very first moment I tried some pieces of “Fine Chocolate”, I was hooked. Big time!

I’ve always been a fan of chocolate and being from Belgium I always believed what I found in the stores here represented good quality, but some articles about pure foods intrigued me. I noticed several websites on the web celebrating the taste of good chocolate. reading on, there was a lot of information about what good chocolate should be and how to recognise it.

So I gave it a try, just to see what the fuss is all about. And it did hit me, right in the face. There’s so much more to good chocolate than what I grew accustomed too.

And that’s what this blog will be about. The discoveries I made and my views on the taste.

i’m by no means a food critic or a writer, but I just hope that I might inspire some people out there to give it a try too. And to get some sort of sharing between people who already know about these noble products.

We’ll see how it evolves…

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