Review: Chocolatoa – Tanzania Kokoa Kamili – 80% (****1/2)

The Creator: A new year has begon. And one chocolate has to start the series of reviews of this year. Today, we turn our focus on a bright star in the Belgian Bean-to-bar scene. Chocolatoa, run by Mario Vandeneede. Recently I had the chance to visit his operation in the small village of Ruiselede, Belgium….

Tasting: Introduction to bean to bar chocolate

On saturday the 19th of November, I had the honour of organising a tasting for a friends club. 15 people attended my introduction to bean to bar chocolate. As always, quiet a few people were surprised by the chocolate itself and wondered why they hadn’t heared about this type of chocolate before. The line up…

The Origin Chocolate Event 2016 – a day full of chocolate in Amsterdam

Every year, Amsterdam become the fine chocolate hotspot for one day. In October the Origin Chocolate Event is held in the wonderful setting of the tropical institute. Its colonial architecture creates a stunning backdrop for a gathering of chocolate makers, chocolate sellers and chocolate lovers. In the central marble hall, 18 companies present their products….

Review: Chocolatoa – Madagascar Millot Plantation 80% (****)

The Creator: Belgium has long been a country renowned for chocolate. Industrial chocolate. But since the start of the bean to bar revolution in the chocolate world, only a few brave Belgians ventured into making their own product from the bean on. Mario Vandeneede, founder of Chocolatoa, is on a mission teach the Belgian and…