Review: Fresco 214 – Madagascar 74% (****)

Found at the Whisky/chocolate pairing I attended a few weeks ago, I was really excited about this chocolate. Fresco is a small batch producer of high quality chocolate, based in the United States. I loved its changing notes and tastes, so I was very eager to try it “solo”, to fully appreciate its subtleties.

Fresco – Madagascar 214 – 74% cacao

Bean: not mentioned
Origin: Madagascar
Production: Fresco Chocolate, Lynden, USA
Price paid: € 6,00/40 g

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The chocolate is delivered in a nice folding package and wrapped in a vibrant gold foil. The bar looks really sleek with those stripes in opposite directions per piece. It did seem to be less perfect than other chocolates, as I noticed some air bubbles on the surface, but really, how a bar looks isn’t all that important to me… it’s the taste that matters!

I love how they all info on the package about the way the chocolate was made. This receipt (214) was made by roasting the beans lightly and a moderate long conche. A receipt for a gentle, yet flavorful chocolate.


Colour: a really nice brown-red, almost milk chocolate in appearance.

Aroma: light cacao, vanilla, raisin, yellow fruits.

Taste: This bar melts very slowly, starting of with a sweet, nutty flavor until loads of  fruits kick in. They reminded me of peach, berries and raisins with a touch of citrus. After this very pleasant gulf of fruit, a vanilla touch comes through together with cappuccino flavors. There really is a milk chocolate like taste as well, rich and creamy.
The finale is rather sweet with all components working marvelous together including just a hint of bitterness. At first sight, the aftertaste isn’t particular strong, rather soft cacao and coffee tones. The finish should last a lot longer, especially if the taste of the chocolate is this good. But after tasting this chocolate and writing this review, I suddenly did notice that the taste does remain for quiet some time on the palate. Yet not as obvious as some other chocolates.

The bar is just 40 g, so the price is pretty hefty compared to other Madagascar bars, but it’s so well-balanced and provides plenty of changes to keep it very interesting in the mouth. All I came to expect from Madagascar beans. They really became my favorite origin by far!

2 thoughts on “Review: Fresco 214 – Madagascar 74% (****)”

  1. Oh, I tried my first Fresco chocolate last year in DC! So, so good. So many flavours packed in there. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the 214 next!

    1. I just love Madagascar chocolates! The fruits in them are so overwhelming and nice. I’m sure I’ll try more Fresco Chocolate in the future! 🙂

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