Review: Akesson’s – Bali – 75% (****)

When I ordered my latest stash oh fine chocolate, I decided to try something different. Most of the chocolate I tasted so far was made out of South American or Madagascan beans. I wondered if beans coming from the other side of the world would make a big difference. So here is my first Asian Single Origin chocolate.

Akkesson makes this wonderful looking chocolate from Trinitario beans originating from the Sukrama farms in Bali.

The bar comes in a nice carton sleeve and is protected by cellophane. Opening the box reveals the amazing looking bar. As far as molds go, this one looks very stylish ans sleek. Opening the cellophane reveals the most intense aroma I’ve encountered so far. You can’t help but notice this one will be different from the other bars I tried before.

BTB130825-1  BTB130825-3

Bean: Trinitario
Origin: Bali
Production: Akesson
Price paid: € 5,75 (60 g) at

BTB130825-2  BTB130825-4

Colour: A nice and deep brown colour, slightly reddish

Aroma: remarkable strong, tantalising sweet fruits and some spices mingled in. Exotic in nature.

Taste: A relatively fast start reveals heaps of tropical fruits. Banana was the one that stood out the most, but mango did twirl around too. I never noticed these flavors in chocolate before. Dried Raisin aromas add some more sweetness, while a very gentle fruity acidity keeps thing very fresh and light. This chocolate delivers a very exotic impression. Towards the end of the melt, smokey cacao starts adding a nice depth to the overall experience. It even reveals some mushroomlike/woody tones. What a wonderful taste development, sweetness and fruit glide over to full-bodied dark chocolate. The aftertaste reveals lots of deep cacao tones and just a slight hint of bitterness. It is rather short but does complete this amazing chocolate and keeps you craving for more!

I still can’t believe the amount of notes that can be found in fine chocolate… so many styles, so many different tastes. Just try it, you’ll be amazed!

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